Healthagon home care

Everybody is comfortable of the known and emotionally connected environment that a home provides. Healthagon is a proficient and world-class home healthcare company committed to providing patient high-quality and comprehensive care that brings value to our patients, their families, and the community. As the name indicates, we excel at providing prompt and reliable medical care to our patients to help them achieve rapid recovery from illnesses and be in the best of their health always. In healthagon we provide mobile clinic with several medical services like Physiotherapy, Sports therapy, Stretching, Recovery Plus, Dry Needling, Dry Cupping etc..

Healthagon home care.

Healthagon home healthcare services division is committed to providing patients with premium home care services that bring value to them, their families, and the community. We excel at providing prompt and reliable health care to our patient’s doorstep


Physiotherapy helps you to recover from injury, illness or disability- by restoring the movement and function of your body.

Sports Message

A MyPhysio Sports massage will help athletes recover from sprains and injuries as well as release all knots and trigger points from your body.

Assisted Stretching

Improve your body’s mobility, increase your muscle range, and promote better flexibility through an Assisted Stretching Session.

Healthagon offers Physiotherapy services in Neurological cases, Gynaecology cases, Musculoskeletal, Geriatrics and Sports injuries…In addition to Physiotherapy we provide other services like Sports therapy, Stretching all in  the  comfort  of   your own   home.